1984: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 01:40:01 PST 2022

Hochul: "White supremacists, right-wing extremists and domestic
terrorists trying to stoke fear in the heart of New Yorkers." ... this
is our moment. The Statue of Liberty is ours."

Biden: "Nine and a half million turkeys, I tell you what, that's like
some of the countries I've been to."

When Parler became the single most-downloaded app in the US after
Trump’s banning, Dems like @AOC demanded Google and Apple remove it
from their stores. They wisely obeyed and Parler was destroyed.
They’re trying to repeat this abuse of monopoly power to do this to
Stephen L. Miller @redsteeze
This is what Roth signaled in his NY Times Op-Ed and here now it
appears in a Lorenz piece.
When Musk announced his intent to buy Twitter, many warned that every
government and corporate weapon would be used to destroy him if he
attempted any restoration of free speech. Online censorship is the
most valuable tool of Dems, media corporations and the US Security

What the fuck is an “online safety expert”? Do you see how media
outlets baptize totally fake expertise industries and titles (like
“disinformation reporter”) to launder their highly politicized
censorship agenda as scientific, data-based and neutral?
The Associated Press @AP
New Twitter owner Elon Musk said he is granting "amnesty” for
suspended accounts, which online safety experts predict will spur a
rise in harassment, hate speech and misinformation.

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