The incredible shrieking man

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Nov 25 18:32:52 PST 2022

Mollusk as Mule?

I’d been likening him to the Mutant in Asimov’s " Foundation ’ trilogy. But that character represents a wild-card threat to all existing order. 
Mollusk is more your craven lickspittle to the earthly powers. 
Mollusk is compliant in the US. Mollusk is compliant in China. Mollusk is compliant in the UAE. 

Mollusk almost embodies what I talked about 12 years ago - all the govts - all the religions - all the large corporates. I said then we could beat them - and they’re all weaker now - and we have only grown in strength.

Onward to CYPHERPUNK 2027 - and viva la revolution!

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