FreeSpeech and Censorship: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 24 22:23:36 PST 2022

Censor Banners Mind Manipulators Population Steering 1984
they all fucking hate being exposed... God Love the Internet ;)

All My Friends Are ShadowBanned ... gets ShadowBanned AMFASB Gets Banned

"All My Friends Are Shadowbanned" - An0maly and Bryson Gray AMFASB

"Bump that shit, support Bryson's work!""all+my+friends+are+shadowbanned"

To be honest, @kanyewest embracing Nick Fuentes and other “cancelled”
people is actually very smart. If he embraces Alex Jones…it’ll be
wild! #YE24

CCG BRYSON @RealBrysonGray
What are y’all thoughts on #YE24?

The thought of a Ye vs Trump debate is way too exciting to me. This
will be so fun. #YE24

Kanye fully embracing Nick Fuentes is definitely one of the most mind
blowing occurrences in the history of the internet

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