Cryptocurrency: Crypto's Libertarian Truth Counters Regulators and Nonsense Gibberish

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 24 19:31:02 PST 2022

SBF vs. Erik Voorhees: How Do We Regulate Crypto?

A debate between two crypto titans on how to regulate crypto. Whether
to regulate crypto? Where do we draw the line? Study and remember
this one anon.

"Watching SBF debate @erikvoorhees is fantastic and wild. Even trying
to control for my bias (knowing the last two weeks of history), SBF
had nothing useful to say. No analysis. Binary contrast with Erik V."

"Fight against the ill-virtued morally deficient State."

"SBF's brain is barely even online, def comes across
as weasel kissing regulators to preserve his own cefi biz
against the coming defi... instead of for crypto freedom."

"Crypto: Governments must leave Free Sovereign Individuals
alone to interact economically as they will, like the
country was supposed to be founded on..."

"SBF: Oversight by a human based regulator in Government...
Crypto: Why do we want to invite that!"

"SBF is a child who displays no knowledge of history of the
foundations of crypto thought, nor any time in it."

"SBF: Let's fight a war by showing and giving up what
we stand for on day one. Forget Sun Tzu much, lol."

"SBF dodged the whole convo"

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