Cryptocurrency: Capturing The Carnage, BTFD!

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 24 11:27:32 PST 2022

Entire countries are at home off work chilling with family and friends, and
contemplating the key crypto questions... is there Freedom via Crypto, is the
bottom in, and should we go for and start moving to adopting and using it.
After 13 years and three cycles of growth, humanity is starting to see the
light, and the answers to all three questions are very likely to be deemed a
resounding yes.

Global Market Cap already up over 7% from lows...

History may mark the last two weeks as the start of the biggest
push yet toward Freedom via Crypto, Financial Sovereignty,
Voluntaryism, Separation of Money From State, and more...
and Cypherpunks as something to be thankful for indeed.

Distributed, privacy-enabled, global, p2p, electronic cash.

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