USA 2024 Elections Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 24 10:52:33 PST 2022

> No one working harder trying for the American People, NO ONE,
> rain snow hot cold this guy works. Joe Biden and Democrats are
> lying pussies operating from their corrupte elite towers of power.
> Trump-Ye-2024... that may very well become the winning ticket.

Hard Work Faith Charity Respect and Freedom.

Not the Democrats big Govt UBI handouts to sit at home leeching off
others, not the Dems perverted public sex, massive programs infesting
everything, corruption, censorship, election fraud, fake news media,
lockdowns, fucked up schools, incited street violence, gun rights grabbing,
forced medication, raised tax collectors, globalism ownership of nothing
and importing of incompatible foreign populations, raging sadistic Biden,
dissing holidays and erasing history, letting thugs and thieves roam free,
nor the SocComMarx "our democracy" bullshit, WEF regime, etc.

People in US and world are becoming aware and fighting back against all that.

Happy Thanksgiving world.

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