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Wed Nov 23 03:13:09 PST 2022

notes on welcome-a-bit job

> This project is designed to encourage involvement of people with newly submitted articles
> at Wikinews by sending them instant notifications of new submissions in their topics of
> interest.

Purpose: give encouragement to new submitters
Method: notify them of other new submissions in categories they have
expressed value for

> To sign up, add your name to the page
> https://en.wikinews.org/wiki/User:Gryllida/welcome_a_bit .
[visited this link:]
> To encourage timely completion of new submissions, you can help by 'welcoming'
> each new article 'a bit'. A welcome is
> - instant (or nearly instant)
> - encouraging
> - inviting to work together (and if they are asking for help, then keep this promise :) )
> To offer your help with the code, click 'source code' below.

It's a user page with an interactive interface. It provides a "sign up
button" that opts the visitor in for these notifications.
> Signing up allows you to receive instant notifications of new drafts submissions by
> email or on your personal talk page on wiki.

The notifications are of new drafts submissions.
The notifications may be received either by e-mail or on your on-wiki page.

> This tool is being maintained by Gryllida who does the coding and documentation.
> If the are any issues or suggestions, just ask at the talk page: Click here to leave
> a message.

There's a special link to communicate with Gryllida who is developing
this. [the project is called "welcome-a-bit"]

> Source code: https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/weabit/

The development portal is https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/weabit/ .

Back to the job description.
It said here "expected to be completed in fully in February 2019". It
may be stagnant. I'll ignore that for now. I just want a project.

> Information for helpers: [https] User:Gryllida/welcome a bit/for helpers
> Mastodon (the free federated Twitter alternative): [https] @gry at masthead.social

Back to the job description.

> Currently we support delivery of notifications by e-mail. We may deliver the
> notifications to wiki pages, Android push notifications, or IRC in the future; if you
> are interested in any of these methods please send me a message.

Additional work is available. I'll focus on what's just in front of me.

> This project is in the beta stage. You are encouraged to test it and share your feedback.
> To report any bugs or suggestions, please leave a message using any of the below
> venues:
> - open an issue using the 'issues' link at the top
> - query live chat at #wikinews at freenode
> - leave a message on-wiki at
> https://en.wikinews.org/wiki/User_talk:Gryllida/welcome_a_bit

They have an irc channel on freenode (which may have moved to
libera.chat). They use the wikinews channel, so I can find the
wikinews irc channel to discuss this project / job.

Next in the description is a draft perl script.

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