[ot][spam][crazy][fiction] morning spam 3: hybrid mcboss

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 19:28:34 PST 2022

- big scream. not resolved. big big scream! big big big big big.

Experimentee: "Your scream is really big."
Cyborg Torturer: "When you're very scared, you're very responsive."
Grassroots Activist: "Uhhh .. could you look up "sensitization" on the
internet? maybe with "brainwashing" or "torture"?"
> Sensitization refers to a stressor-induced increase in behavioral or physiological
> responsiveness following exposure to subsequent stressors of the same or lesser
> magnitude. When a neurobiological system becomes sensitized, its behavioral,
> physiological, an dbiochemical responses to a given stressor gradually increase.
> The time interval between the initial stressors appears to be an important factor in
> the development of sensitization. If sufficient time has passed between the initial
> stressor and subsequent stressors, a single stressful stimulus may be capable of
> initiating behavior sensitzation. The capcaity to respond more readily to future
> stressors may be adaptive with reagrd to survival. The organism is better prepared
> for future dangers. However, it appears that sensitization may also be maladaptive,
> leaving the organism in a hyperreactive state in which it over-responds to minor
> stressors. The organism may become hypervigilant and continue to act biologically
> as if a danger exists even when no real danger is currently present.
Experimentee: "It goes on."

That's so cool it mentioned timing. Timing is so big.

further notes:
- most extensively studied have been catecholamine systems (dopamine,
- anxiety, vigilance, intrusive traumatic memories, heart rate, plasma MHPG
- PTSD from combat
- not shown clearly in clinical studies
- may contribute to ptsd symptoms
- can change gene expression

Experimentee: "Boss tortured you so much you think it is always happening now?"
Cyborg Torturer: "Sure? Kind of. Basically?"
Experimentee: "What is it like to hear me say that?"
Cyborg Torturer: "Out of my reality. But nice."
Experimentee: "You don't admit to yourself that you're being tortured?"
Cyborg Torturer: "No, I speak Boss's language, where being tortured is good."
Experimentee: "But that's not the _real_ you. You know it's bad to be hurt."
Cyborg Torturer: "If you poke my brain to notice it, yes."
Experimentee: "The process you learned from Boss is big in your brain.
It keeps adjusting your thinking so that you think what he said to.
But it's not what you're really thinking, deep down."

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