[ot][spam][crazy][fiction] morning spam 3: hybrid mcboss

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 17:51:29 PST 2022


Torture Scene

Torture room. Nasty torture gimmicks.
Boss is ready to engage in torture. He has been mind controlled by
Experimentee to be always caring.
Grassroots Activist is here. They are tied in the corner, around the
neck, like an animal. They haven't eaten in days.

Boss [carrying Jagged Gut Hook]: "Oh no! You poor thing! Who did this to you?"

Grassroots Activist: [babbles incoherently]

Boss [brandishing Jagged Gut Hook]: "What is wrong? Have you been tied
up here so long you have forgotten how to talk?"

Cyborg Torturer is standing passively by the wall, motionless, letting
Boss have his sadistic fun.

Boss approaches Grassroots Activist to remove the rope around their poor neck.

Grassroots Activist [seeing Boss beginning to move toward him]: "AAAAH!!!!!!"
Grassroots Activist runs to the corner of the room and curls into a
ball, hiding their head under their arms and legs.
Grassroots Activist: "AAAAAH !!!!!"

Boss pauses.

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