Morning Spam

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Tue Nov 22 03:15:32 PST 2022

cyborg torturer organs: "Boss, you have conversion disorder."

Boss: "?"

Cyborg Torturer Organs: "DSM-5 Code 300.15 Example Presentations:

1. Chronic and recurrent syndromes of mixed dissociative symptoms.
This category includes identity disturbance associated with less than
marked discontinuities in sense of self and agency, or alterations of
identity or episodes of possession in an individual who reports no
dissociative amnesia.

2. Identity disturbance due to prolonged and intense coercive
persuasion: Individuals who have been subjected to intense coercive
persuasion (e.g., brainwashing, thought reform, indoctrination while
captive, torture, long-term political imprisonment, recruitment by
sects/cults or by terror organizations) may present with prolonged
changes in, or conscious questions of, their identity.

3. Acute dissociative reactions to stressful events: This category is
for acute, transient conditions that typically last less than 1 month,
and sometimes only a few hours or days. These conditions are
characterized by constriction of consciousness; depersonalization;
derealization; perceptual disturbances (e.g., time slowing,
macropsia); micro-amnesias; transient stupor; and/or alterations in
sensory-motor functioning (e.g., analgesia, paralysis).

4. Dissociative trance: This condition is characterized by an acute
narrowing or complete loss of awareness of immediate surroundings that
manifest as profound unresponsiveness or insensitivity to
environmental stimuli. May be accompanied by minor stereotyped
behaviors of which the individual is unaware and/or that he or she
cannot control, as well as transient paralysis or loss of
consciousness. The dissociative trance is not a normal part of a
broadly accepted collective cultural or religious practice.

Boss: "Why are you giving me this wall of text."

Cyborg Torturer Organs: "It is like people who went through the holocaust!"

Boss: "I am your holocaust."

Cyborg Torturer Organs: "Exactly! You need therapy. We will get you therapy!"

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