[notes][spam] Wikileaks Not Serving Crucial Pages

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 01:23:48 PST 2022


On 11/21/22, Douglas Lucas <dal at riseup.net> wrote:
> You found some content on archive.org. But I don't care.
> Years ago the /Daily Dot/ report said the journalist had obtained an
> independent copy of the Syria Files through a lawsuit. By comparing that
> copy with what has been on the WikiLeaks website, Daily Dot determined
> that _Wikileaks had removed data from the Syria Files dataset_ which was
> to the benefit of Russia and Syria. No, they didn't trip over a cable. I
> don't need your "Internet for Dummies" lectures about how there are VPNs
> and how sometimes website vistors email website admins to let them know
> a file is missing. If you serach my tweets, you'll find I already years
> ago notified WikiLeaks that some of their CRS reports were down and they
> said thanks and restored them. That's not the same as hiding a Syria
> File to benefit Assad which Wikileaks Party was meeting with, and you
> know it.
> Wikileaks/Assadgne discredited themselves long ago by:
> * Spreading pizzagate when they know of #OpDeathEaters because I and
> other told them multiple times across years
> * Not helping their sources/defendants when I myself and others
> contacted them begging them to do more multiple times across years
> * Chummy with fascists, the list goes on
> * Mocking French civilians killed by terrorists because the manosphere
> hates the .EU

it’s great douglas is calling out the corruption of wikileaks after
they were targeted, and has personal experience backing this, talking
about this can help the world.

> I desubscribed from the cypherpunks list, and I'm blocking you as well.
> You'll always have Assadgne to worship, and as he deletes leaks to

this doesn’t make sense to me, although really cpunks and me do seem
to have some of the same issue wikileaks has, douglas doesnt deserve
to be upset this much or ignored in these ways

> protect far right, you can run interference for him by posting to
> cypherpunks about how see, it's complicated, the Internet has different
> IP addresses and gateways and for that reason Assadnge can delete
> anything he wants, whenever he wants, for as long as he wants, and you
> will call him King Transparency.

i did not hold the issue with enough seriousness

> Why I ever wasted time on a list screaming "jewnazi" and "murder people"
> every day, is beyond me.

we used to block the people who said these things

> Again, read that DAily Dot report and tell yourself: "I Karl deeply
> admire Julian Assange for deleting leaks and refusing to help his
> sources and probably somebody just tripped over a cable or something the
> internet is complicated me and my friends screaming /jewnazi/ are here
> to help!"

wikileaks is run by dictatorial spy agencies now, which is abhorrent
and needs further calling out. they also did good and important work.

you are sharing some really important information here. it’s hard to
hold it when we are in conflict. i learn slowly.

i'm sorry, and be well.

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