Cryptocurrency: Noting The Carnage

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Nov 21 17:46:31 PST 2022
"Duffy went to Congress and told them FTX was a bankrupt business
model and he was ignored just like he was ignored when he said Corzine
knew he had used customer funds and knew where the missing $1.6
bullion was."

According to Bloomberg sources "familiar with the investigation", the
US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, led by
Damian Williams, spent several months working on a sweeping
examination of crypto currency platforms with US and offshore arms and
had started poking into FTX’s massive exchange operations.
The focus of the probe was on compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act
which requires financial institutions take steps to prevent money
laundering and terrorism financing, and which has been used by
authorities to go after crypto platforms that allegedly falsely
claimed that they don’t serve US customers.

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