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Mon Nov 21 07:44:15 PST 2022

[10:22:17] visitor: sorry for disconnecting, been ages since i used
irc, need a bouncer ...
[10:22:25] visitor: anyway it sounds like randall is in trouble???
[10:22:47] tech_exorcist: wdym?
[10:23:08] visitor: because he posted a comic he would never post
[10:23:21] visitor: either that or we all are, for thinking it's not
incredibly sarcastic?
[10:23:27] @Kalium: visitor: do not go weird kpop stan on webcomic authors
[10:23:33] visitor: wdym?
[10:23:56] tech_exorcist:
[10:23:59] @Kalium: jumping to "there is a problem" from "slightly
weird phrasing" is a colossal leap
[10:24:12] visitor: this is not fucking slightly weird phrasing
[10:24:26] @Kalium: given that reddit is also included in user-run
instances I guess it means more "users moderate some parts"
[10:24:30] visitor: randall made a multi year comic supporting free
software culture
[10:24:37] visitor: that is not what fucking user run instances means
[10:26:02] @Kalium: it's a strange way to say it but like. what
possible "trouble" could he be in that the appropriate response is
"post an incorrect webcomic about it"
[10:26:48] visitor: i dunno, something where somebody else is making h8
[10:26:57] visitor: i*making him post it?
[10:27:06] visitor: i thought maybe somebody here would know what's up
[10:27:20] tech_exorcist: i highly doubt he would be forced to post an
inaccurate comic
[10:27:26] @Charlie: what supervillain do you think takes webcomic
authors hostage and forces them to post new comics that might contain
coded messages about the hostage situation?
[10:27:47] tech_exorcist: and this channel has been unrelated to the
comic for years now, i think it's still linked to somewhere on
xkcd.com but it's probably a mistake
[10:27:47] visitor: dude i don't know but we did just go through an
infowar and he has a lot of readers
[10:28:01] visitor: oh damn
[10:28:02] Bucket: Those consarn beavers are at it again!
[10:28:10] tech_exorcist: and even if he is being held hostage by a
supervillain, we have no clue
[10:28:25] visitor: i just want to know what is real
[10:28:29] visitor: thanks for your patience
[10:29:00] tech_exorcist: the reality is that Randall posted a comic
which contains inaccurate information, but saying that he was forced
to do so is only speculation
[10:29:45] tech_exorcist: (btw, Bucket is a bot)
[10:29:47] visitor: not sure why that matters
[10:29:54] visitor: hahaha thank you
[10:31:03] visitor: so you know, the culture of his comic was
completely counter to those Xs. it's not a mistake he would make
[10:34:26] Bucket: tungsten is nearly as dense as @zigdon!
[10:34:49] Thedarkb-Work: He might mean user moderated when he says
"user run instances", it's an ambiguous term that you seem to be
conflating with "user hosted instances".
[10:35:16] visitor: an instance of a service is what is hosted
[10:35:56] tech_exorcist: the comic compares 11 platforms, which he
may not know all that well, and if you have to compare 8 features
across up to 11 platforms you don't know well at all while also
staying within a schedule of 3 comics/week while also having a
personal life you don't have a lot of time
[10:36:22] visitor: i will wait for a reply from somebody is who is
not focused on convincing me to ig ore i
[10:36:36] visitor: *to ignore the glaring errors
[10:36:58] tech_exorcist: and the twitter mess has only been unfolding
since very recently, so there wasn't all that time to do research to
publish a comic relevant to current affairs about a topic he *may* not
have known well
[10:37:12] visitor: fuck you
[10:37:14] Bucket: $ejaculation
[10:37:29] Thedarkb-Work: Which is code for "I won't let go of my
paranoid delusion about the significance of one word in a comic about
a the fucking Cybiko"
[10:37:29] tech_exorcist: nobody here is going to be able to give you
a precise answer that isn't wild speculation
[10:37:49] visitor: you
[10:37:51] Thedarkb-Work: Remove the a from that quote.
[10:38:11] visitor: leave us alone
[10:38:13] Thedarkb-Work: You're either deluded or a troll, either
way, can someone get rid?
[10:38:33] visitor: i am curious whether the trolls are mods
[10:39:48] «  Charlie   kicked   visitor   from the channel (good luck
with everything)

it’s sad that i acted angry and swore.  not who i want to be.

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