[ot][spam][crazy] Decision Quality As Money

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 01:00:03 PST 2022

- eat sugar and die
- exercise

there are parts to these.

sugar: feels good, short term energy, accumulates ability to resist
starvation, strong decision-making influence (addictive)
die: indicates failure

exercise: short term negative decision influence, long term positive
decision influence. increases long term survivability and physical
success. short term can make one exhausted and poorly functioning.
does not provide an addictive reward.

(trees not presently drawn)

three really big points of interest:
- short term vs long term. each impact can happen soon or later,
quickly or after a lot of repetition
- addictive reward. the presence and quality of this can motive a lot
of neurons.
- decision influence. when something is easy or hard to do again, and
whether or not we have been exposed to that, can seem a huge factor in
a handful of different ways.

notably, there are different kinds of decision influence; the kinds
seem to have their own neurons, but these groups also seem to overlap.

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