Cryptocurrency: Where the Fuck is Barry Silbert? DCG Grayscale GBTC ETHE ...

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Nov 20 19:43:03 PST 2022

Where the Fuck is Barry Silbert? Barry Silbert?

US and even Global majors have almost all been heard from, except Barry.

DCG has been caught deleting its Board and Exec profiles webpage.

Grayscale refuses to disclose its proof of crypto account addresses,
claims "security" nonsense (should have insisted BTC become privacy coin).

Crypto Twitter has only found half CB Anderson's stated GBTC accounts.
635235 BTC GBTC
3056833 ETH ETHE

The entire Internet has pitchforks at the ready for whoever among these
children taps out this week, peeps better grow up and come correct. Bil's - Frauds in the making DCG DCG

Only the one OG Libertarian is still standing strong.


Mike Belshe @mikebelshe
By failing to create an ETF for #bitcoin, the SEC: - allowed the
grayscale -> GBTC trade to rip retail for 5+yrs - created the GBTC
negative premium - forced most crypto trading outside US jurisdiction
- let FTX's fraud hit millions of Americans it shouldn't have Ouch.

The recent crypto collapse was a con orchestrated by the Federal
Reserve, CIA, academia, establishment politicians, and legacy media.
Our government is a mafia. They should not be writing cryptocurrency laws.

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