Cryptocurrency: Noting The Carnage

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Nov 20 12:27:06 PST 2022

World Economic Forum partnered with FTX to launder a War Fund to
Democrats ... Let that sink in.

Maxine Waters met the Bahamas PM on April 25, 2022… they discussed
crypto… on April 26 FTX started their Bahamas crypto conference… here
SBF is seen hugging the Bahamas PM and Bill Clinton… Maxine Waters
will now lead the FTX "congressional hearing"…

Does anyone fine it suspicious FTX has WEF ties and their demise and
CBDC pilots began at the same time?

Foreign aid goes to Ukraine. Ukraine invests in FTX. FTX donates back
to the Democratic Party. Are you paying attention?

"TRUMPLOSE" - name of one of FTX investment balance sheets (link to
video evidence in SS)

Wayback machine is one of the most powerful tools against tyranny.
Klaus babies, after laundering billions in Ukraine through cryptos,
are trying to hide every piece of evidence showing any ties with SBF
and FTX. But wayback machine never forgets.

FTX/SBF/WEF fiasco was/is a massive financial psyop...

SBF working w the feds to take down crypto?

The False Face of SBF, FTX, and ESG

FTX and the Democratic Party... This is getting interesting.

It is increasingly looking like the Democrats 2022 campaigns were
funded by kickbacks from Ukraine funding using FTX as the pass-through

Word count of NYT's puff piece on SBF: "Fraud": 0, "Enron": 0,
"Crime": 0, "Illiquid": 0, "Stolen": 0, "Hidden": 0. "Criminal": 0,
"Back door": 0, "He's getting sleep": 1

FTX donations to politicians from foreign entities like Ukraine are in
violation of Executive Order 13848 signed by President Trump and Biden

FTX funded the bogus trial that found: Ivermectin was ineffective
against covid. Small world.

SBF FTX Alameda BoyLover GirlLover Pedophile Symbols

Before the heist: Listen to SBF when asked "where do you see FTX in five yeras?"

SBF, The Clintons, Warren Buffet, Michael Lewis and even Elon.
$300million from Alameda. AND NO WIKIPEDIA PAGE? (Detailed SS)

FTX should be a reminder that money laundering schemes always involve
politicians, celebrities, world leaders, and other wealthy people.

Manufacturing consent through misdirection and tribal conflicts allow
the elite to get away with 9/11, The Patriot Act, silencing Julian
Assange, Insider Trading in Congress, Jefferey Epstein's Network,
slashing corporate taxes, Covid lockdowns, Panama Papers, Ukraine, and
FTX. They Live, We Sleep

So is this whole FTX Ukraine scandal gonna be forgotten about in 2
weeks like everything else?

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