Cryptocurrency: Noting The Carnage

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Nov 20 12:14:25 PST 2022

Full Spectrum Domination 1984

"Famous Dems donors: Madoff: 89% to Dems, Epstein: 92%, Weinstein:
92%, SBF (FTX): 99% to Dems A Ponzi schemer, pedophile king, Hollywood
sex predator & Crypto scam artist are among Dems' top donors all-time.
So, are we "allowed" to ask if the Democrats' agenda is a giant scam?"

FTX SBF circlejerk with Gensler SEC Democrats Bribes $50M++
Laundering CIA Ukraine Rebecca Nudelman Sam Bankman-Fried
Not in prison Crypto Crash Frauded Distrust FUD to Force Total Regulation
Formalize War On Cash and War On Crypto and WEF's CBDC Rollout.

Next to the total defraudment of the 2020 Elections, this fully
engineered allowed and quietly permissioned crypto "collapse"
is the second biggest scam against humanity and freedom
since 9/11, Creature From Jekyll Island, and what they
did to Assange.

All Freedom is very close to being wiped out via
Total Global Monetary Control, and Biden just got
up on stage and called for it.

Ziya Sadr has been arrested.

Fuck all that.


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