Large datasets missing off for weeks

Douglas Lucas dal at
Sun Nov 20 10:19:17 PST 2022

See below

On 2022-11-20 09:50, Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor
of Many wrote:
> you’re conflating a serious systems administration situation here
> (missing files) with a political one (assange, hierarchy, etc).

Possibly. But, if WL staff/volunteers are being diverted from systems
administration to tasks that inflate Assadnge's reputation/ego/etc, such
as finding and contacting celebs to speak on his behalf, the website
will suffer. I have no direct evidence that's the case here but it's a
likely possibility given their long-term negligence toward promoting
datasets and defending sources. So while I'm guessing, it is an educated
guess that WL is likely diverting resources from maintaining the
website, the leaks, the journalism, and shifting them toward fluffing
Assadnge (and, lately, Jordan Peterson). Manning says something brief
along these lines in her new book, too. That will have consequences. The
antonym of narcissism is effort.

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