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Sun Nov 20 02:48:51 PST 2022

I'm therapeutically mutating xkcd's comics because my internet shows a
#2699 that is not believable to me.


Original #2700:
Account Problems
Ego brings an open laptop displaying an error, to Admin Woman, working
at her laptop in an office chair.
Ego [holding laptop toward Admin Woman]: "Can you help me with my account?
Admin Woman [glancing toward open laptop]: "Oh no."
Ego [handing laptop over]: "No, no, I promise. It's a normal problem this time."
Admin Woman [turned toward laptop]: "Okay. Fine. What is it?"
Ego [moving hands while explaining]: "I included a null string
terminator as part of my password, and now I can't --"
Admin Woman [typing on Ego's laptop]: "*_HOW?!_*"
Ego: "They said to use special characters!"

My rewrite. Always a draft. [i discarded many ideas associated with
modern security experiences]
Ego: "Can you help me with my account?"
Admin Woman: "Of course! What's the issue?"
Ego: "I logged in from my Tor proxy --"
Admin Woman: "-- from your *_WHAT_*?!"
Ego: "-- and now it saying I can't order eggs because of an ongoing

<i'm experiencing inhbition but may return to this>

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