Large datasets missing off for weeks

Douglas Lucas dal at
Sat Nov 19 16:37:17 PST 2022

If you go to and click various datasets, you get 
various errors. Click on the leak called The Intolerance Network or 
click on the leak called Fishrot, and you are taken to nothing more than 
an Error page. Click on the embassy shopping list one, and you get 
returned the main/front page. Try for the Podesta Emails 
or the Hillary Clinton Email Archive, and you just get an Error page. 
DNC emails, Error page. HBGary and Stratfor emails seem to be vanished also.

I noticed this a week or two ago and thought it was some temporary error 
and paid no mind to it. Then I noticed @fungiblesoul tweeting about it 
today and thought wow, is wikileaks hemorraghing people that keep their 
files online?

For years, WL diehards argued someone's life is only valuable insofar as 
it shines a light on Assadnge's legal situation. WL ignored the federal 
cases of their sources, since those might distract from Assadgne's, and 
they did nothing to promote leaks such as the HBGary re-publication one, 
which was used by Assadnge to talk about himself in an egomaniacal press 
release -- not a single article investigating the cache was ever 
published as a result of the HBGary re-publication. Since almost no one 
prefers articles to fandom, this sad state suits nearly everyone on the 

Thankfully it looks like the 'narcisistic hierarchy' bubble around 
Assadgne -- his loyalists repeatedly told me hierarchy is ubiquitous, 
ignoring scientific studies showing fairness in children -- Assadnge, 
one of the latest contenders for the dipshit title of Great Man, has 
burst, and his not-even-a-wiki website may be falling apart, leaving his 
fans crying and having to either find a new narcissist to worship or 
instead having to get some hobbies and pursue developing their own 
neglected selves.

Or maybe the datasets will be all back up on tomorrow. Who 

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