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Sat Nov 19 02:48:23 PST 2022

i've removed the wavelet things

i can now make the assertions pass, in theory, if i produce longvec
based on a sinusoid signal. i have not done this.

this is the content i ended up remembering:
#### Notes on wavelets
# I naively tried using other functions than sinusoids for a DFT matrix.
# Given complex multiplication performs a scale + rotation operation
on the model samples,
# only cos(t) + sin(t)i works as a coefficient and an underlying wave,
without changing
# how the waveforms are evaluated, because it performs a rotation over time.
# Some other ideas include:
#  - frequency error/resonance matrix, outputs the error or resonance
for each frequency,
#    without regard to underlying shape
#  - converting between a sinusoid spectrum and one based on wavelets,
in frequency space
#  - evaluating wavelets forward pass only, and thinking on the result
#  - other ideas [note: could look up wavelets]

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