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It is your mind, and you should control it. This well-known fact has
been proven over and over, and is the reason for everything to do.

- This course is an introduction to authoritarian mind control cults

- Dr Hassan was a member of the Moon cult, and was deprogrammed after
he almost died in a van crash. That happened 45 years ago.

- The course is about differentiating between good and bad influence;
learning about the model of authoritarian control; learning about dual
identity dissociation in cults; and a foundational introduction.

- Cult types include therapy, relationship, political, trafficking,
religious, and multi-level marketing

- Combatting Cult Mind Control, 2018 edition.
- Freedom Of Mind, for further guidance rescuing someone
- The Cult Of Trump, latest

- Take this course first
- Then, there are separate courses coming for:
- different kinds of mental health professionals
- rescuing friends, loved ones, acquaintances
- recovering yourself

Dr Hassan answer questions.

Learn a lot !! Enjoy the course !

it's sadly clear from Dr Hassan's shots of downtime that he navigates
experiences where it can appear difficult or unnatural to guide his body
normally, as I do. I wonder if he learned strongly to guide it a different way,
or if the experiences are new.

I have seen other people (and myself) drop their head like at the end, like
they are listening or waiting passively for instructions from spirit or such. I
do not know if it is the same thing; I could be projecting.

He's experienced and inspiring during normal

It's exciting to start the course.


The course asks for the visitor's name, country, and zip code. Payment
is expected via [some content lost here]

Payment is expected by credit card via stripe.com, or via paypal.
There is also an option to email them for further payment.

[not sure what else was here. here are my notes from 01. notes are
sparser, there is more note material in the video thread.]

The course asks for the user's full name, country, and zip code.
Payment is accepted via paypal.com and credit card via stripe.com.

It seems it would be valuable to find methods of payment that protect
anonymity of viewers, especially from third parties.

It costs $99. There are coupons somewhere. They say if you email them,
they can help place the order; this may facilitate alternative means.


- how do you spell the names associated with the cult? hak chat han?
- lecturer says he was "not a joiner", what does this mean?
- check Resource section of course to find more information

Fundamental Attribution Error
dr hassan describes the over attribution of personal variables as just
a trend but doesn't it look like this is actually intentionally spread
via popular culture?
dr hassan talks as if he is unaware of the error in his fundamental
attribution error slide
where it says "personal variables" twice and leaves out
environmental/contextual variables
by accident.
    possibly delusional: if this is a subconscious strategy i wonder
if he is still wrestling with indoctrinated habits and looking for aid

Dr Hassan holds his face as if he has grafted Bell's Palsy, like I do.
What a weird coincidence. I wonder what it is for him.

I like typing the videos over (although it is laborious), but I don't
take as many notes when I do. I hope I am absorbing the material.

Notes from second run through:
Dr Hassan had trouble saying that cults tell you what to do, almost
saying you tell cults what to do. People who resist effectively are in
a unique situation of getting large response from cults due to them
perceiving threat. I don't imagine he meant to say this, though.

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