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US Democrats love crime, poverty, dependence, DemSoc
create the problem, prop themselves as solution,
socialism fails, repeat to extract more money and power,
create victimization mentality and handouts... fail fail fail.

PA House Judiciary Committee Moved To Impeach Philadelphia District
Attorney Larry Krasner

the Judiciary Committee voted along party lines Tuesday to move two
impeachment articles against Philadelphia District Attorney Larry
Krasner to the full House, which is expected to vote on it Wednesday.
Philadelphia District Attorney Lawrence Krasner during a press
conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia on
Nov. 6, 2020. (Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times)

The articles blame Krasner’s leadership in the district attorney’s
office (DAO) as being a direct cause of increasing Philadelphia crime
and accuse him of obstructing the impeachment investigation by not
sufficiently complying with a subpoena from the Select Committee on
Restoring Law and Order.

That select committee released a report of its investigation on Oct.
24 and, although it did not recommend impeachment, it offered a grim
look at Philadelphia’s crime.

The report (pdf) looked at rising crime rates, the use of public funds
intended for enforcing the law and prosecuting crime, the enforcement
of crime victims’ rights, and the use of public funds intended to
benefit crime victims in the City of Philadelphia.
‘Shocking Increases’ In Crime Under Krasner

Between Jan. 1, 2021, and Oct. 16, 2022, the report says, 992 people
have died as a result of a homicide in Philadelphia. The report
compares that to the 557 homicide deaths in 2015 and 2016, combined.
Nonfatal shootings have increased, too. In 2022, there have been eight
victims of nonfatal shootings who have not yet celebrated their sixth

“It is no secret that the DAO and DA Krasner’s progressive policies
are the focus of criticism with respect to the increasing crime rate,
the handling of criminal cases, and the abject failure to respond, in
any meaningful way, to the current crisis,” the report says. “Most
troubling to the Select Committee, is what happens after arrests are
made—the DAO’s prosecution, or lack thereof,” the report says.

The office categorizes violent offenses as homicides, nonfatal
shootings, rape, robberies, aggravated assault, and other forms of
assault. To the date of the report, 65 percent of all violent offenses
have been withdrawn by the DA’s office or dismissed by the courts,
resulting in no prosecution for those crimes. Compared to district
attorney’s offices in other Pennsylvania counties, the Philadelphia
office withdraws cases much more often.

“No doubt, Philadelphia criminals are emboldened by the knowledge that
the likelihood that they will be arrested is slim, and once caught,
the likelihood that they will be prosecuted and incarcerated is
minimal,” the report says.
Crime at ‘Unacceptable’ Levels

Krasner is in his second term. If the House voted to impeach, the
state Senate would conduct a trial, after which, a two-thirds vote
from the Senate would be needed to impeach and remove Krasner. The
Senate is still a Republican majority, but with 28 Republicans and 22
Democrats in the next session, it is not a two-thirds majority.

“I suspect that we will have bipartisan support for this effort as we
have thus far,” Rep. Martina White, a Philadelphia Republican and
prime sponsor of the articles of impeachment, said in a press
conference after the measure passed from committee. “The investigation
and holding Larry Krasner in contempt was bipartisan. Tomorrow, I
believe this will also be bipartisan because the people of
Philadelphia deserve better than what they receive out of the district
attorney’s office. He has not been doing his job well enough for us,
endangering the lives of citizens that he’s supposed to serve and
protect by prosecuting criminals and making sure that they’re
convicted guilty, should the evidence be there. But that’s not what’s
happening right now. The district attorney is basically withdrawing
cases at an unprecedented level.”

White said she wants to assure the citizens of Philadelphia that they
can live the way they deserve, not having to worry about walking out
their front door and being carjacked or worrying about sending kids to
school only for them to be shot dead on the walk home from the gunfire
of gang members who should be locked up in jail and convicted of
previous crimes.

“It’s unacceptable,” White said. “And now is the time to act. There’s
no reason to wait any longer.”
Krasner’s Words

In a letter sent to the select committee Oct. 21, Krasner—a Democrat
whose campaign was funded in part by billionaire George Soros—defended
his work.

“Criminologists know what works to prevent crime. It is not love for
the NRA, opposition to reasonable gun regulations, or draconian
sentences,” Krasner said. “It is investment in communities, fully
funded public schools, mental health and addiction treatment
resources, economic opportunity, trade school and higher education
opportunity, keeping parents in the community (not in jail) when they
have committed non-violent, non-serious offenses, and modern police
reform, among other things. All leading criminological reports show
zero correlation between crime and progressive/reform prosecution.”

Krasner said every decision he makes as district attorney is with the
goal of seeking justice and improving public safety.

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