Cryptocurrency: CBDC Digital Fiat WARNING BELLS GOING OFF

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 17 16:17:13 PST 2022

> How many times do you need to be warned about this
> before you get it through your heads and refuse to
> comply with it... CBDC = pure evil, got it, ok.

CBDC, Digital Fiat, War On Cash , War On Crypto

It's coming... more and more globalists recently announcing their
impending plans for total financial enslavement, spyveillance, and
control over you... Yet nothing but crickets from you idiot sheeple.

"Please People, Wake The FUCK Up !!!  -- John McAfee"

The logical consequence of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC) is
getting rid of cash.
On November 15, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced that
"its New York Innovation Center (NYIC) will participate in a
proof-of-concept project to explore the feasibility of an
interoperable network of central bank wholesale digital money and
commercial bank digital money operating on a shared multi-entity
distributed ledger." [NY FED]

In July, the EU announced similar plans for a digital Euro [,
german]: "The authorities have been examining the possible
introduction of a digital variant of the European single currency for
a while now. [...] Whether a digital euro will come is not yet
decided. In any case, a digital euro would complement cash and not
replace it."

The CBDC's main purpose is for Central Banks to be able to control and
supervise all financial transactions. They will tell us that it will
be easier for retail sellers to accept digital payments and the
currency will prove to be more stable, that it will be easier to get
loans and make oversea transfers. But that's just sugarcoating for 'we
want full control'.

Not surprisingly (and not coincidental) the EU is targeting privacy
coins: The EU may ban banks and crypto providers from dealing in
controversial privacy-enhancing coins under new anti-money-laundering

So how likely do you think is it that governments will want to keep
cash alive? It pretty much contradicts its main advantage of CBDCs for
governments. Money laundering is still mostly being done with cash.

Right now the EU Commission is planning a limit of EUR 10,000 for cash
payments. Later this limit could be lowered to make the use of cash
even less handy. A piecemeal tactic like this one would not come as a

Do I need a tinfoil hat now or will the government stop letting cash
circulate after the CBDCs go live? Even if there is still some cash in
its natural habitat, there is less cash available over time as banks
withdraw it from circulation.

EU and the US are pushing plans for digital currencies. Is there a
plan to make cash obsolete? That could be suspected, since they are
targeting privacy coins and crypto in general as well as they are
planning a 10k cash limit.

There's a sequence here, they took the dollar off the gold standard,
suddenly backed by " nothing. " It starts weakening decade after
decade. Now they want physical cash gone and be able to have 100%
control of any and all money you have or get to have in the future.
Uncle Klaus is one scary motherfucker.

CBDC will make it much easier for the gov to print magic money which
is already at max mode

no more printing and wasting money on papers, just push the button for
a billion dollar.

It makes sense that the future would be faster and more seamless. Cash
won't just disappear, but how often do you see people pay for
something with cash these days? The majority of the time, I see people
paying with cards or phone apps.

That is absolutely not the point, the same way that just because a
currency is on the gold-standard doesn't mean people are literally
carrying gold to pay for groceries.

Cash is the only method for individuals to use the currency without
the transaction being recorded in a database somewhere. If cash stops
being an option, the government is basically telling you you are no
longer a free citizen, you are now a subject, and they reserve the
right to know of every single one of your exchanges with other

Good point!

They are trying to control every transaction... This will be connected
to a social score.... You mess up... You get your credits frozen.

Well shit I’ll die from starvation then.

I live off ramen and salted hopium

I wouldn’t even have the ramen because they would keep my account
frozen 24/7. My social credit would be shit.

The main point of CBDCs is legalized theft (aka taxes). But yup,
social score right after that. Tweeted bad shit about a rapey
politician? Bam, your money is not good now...

...anywhere on the planet.

That's why we gotta fight tooth and nail for decentralization -
goverments tend to go tyranical under the guise of "for your own good"
all the fn time.

donate $100 to "the government" to increase your social score.

I guess everybody will want to own at least 1 Monero by EOY 2023.

The citadels... That the bitcoin time traveler predicted, will be a reality.

There are a lot of obvious things that don’t ever seem to be covered
in these rants. It’s always just “CBDCs are gonna delete cash!” while
completely ignoring the other functions that cash serves when dealing
with foreign travelers, the unbanked, and hand-to-hand transactions.
It also ignores that all the things people are afraid of (“They can
cut off your money!”) are already possible with the existing M2 money
supply. It’s like everyone suddenly forgot how many Russian oligarchs
got cut off when the invasion of Ukraine took place.

CBDC = the end of financial freedom

Any proof of that other than "I do not trust governments"

CBDC is just a crypto that is issued by the government.

Why do you think they have more control over a crypto issued by the
FED than they have over BTC, ETH or any other crypto that is public?

Why do you think that routing a CBDC-Crypto through privacy-coins
would make it impossible to disguise your identity, while any other
crypto will?

    Why do you think they have more control over a crypto issued by
the FED than they have over BTC, ETH or any other crypto that is

because it is not public and they literally have all control over it

Is there any law saying how a government has to do CBDCs or do they
have the same freedom in deciding on the tokenomics as any random
person making any random shitcoin?

CBDCs will not replace Cash... CBDCs will replace CEXs...

The second you can send Crypto from your bank account and convert it
to a privacy-coin on a DEX, no one needs CEXs anymore.

Your comment sound like you have no idea what CBDCs actually are.

Are you fucking serious? If we get rid of cash and only accept digital
as payment it won't reflect crypto at all. It'll be programmable and
100% under government control. They can program it to expire or punish
any person the state disagrees with by cutting off all your
financials, only a complete buffoon would celebrate or even entertain
that idea.

No one said anything about replacing Cash.

Based on your argument, Checks, Bank transfers and credit cards are
evil because they killed cash... They didn't.

Politicians love bribes and they will never create a world where money
is 100% trackable... They don't hurt their own illegal income....

Cbdc are made to replace cash in the long term. Goverment can define
what you buy, how much you buy, even how much you save. They can cut
your savings just push of a button. If they dont like your oppinion
they can freeze all your assets. It will be done with social score and
carbon credit system wich is their way to keep markets "growing"
becouse demographics are turning upside down.

Cash is King

Soon enough, that King of yours will become a peasant.

We better start learning some useful skills, so that we can barter
more efficiently (cash used to take care of that).

This is probably why they will legalize weed on a Federal level. No
need to track down every digital blunt purchase if it’s not against
the law. I can see it now…

How I pay hookers then? With monero.

The future will be dystopian. I’m concerned why the people who “run”
the planet think they need this much control

I stack now crypto as much as I can and when I have enough I go to
live somewhere where its leagal tender.

With the news right now. I can use some CBDC to park some of my
stables. Cuz at this point i don't trust any of the fucking stables.
At least i know uncle sam have an apache helicopter and tanks

I have noticed a look of disappointment on the faces of cashiers when
I pull out cash. It's already being seen as an inconvenience

For employees, yes. But not for the owner ^^

I think there's a fine line between proper usage of CBDC's and CBDC
tin foil hat conspiracies becoming true.

I sometimes hear "so just because you don't trust your government you
are against the idea of a CBDC". And to be honest, where I'm from
there is very little reason to trust the government. So yes, i think
not trusting the government with such big control instruments is a
very valid reason to oppose the monster that is CBDC.

Even in a recession there are still a lot of people who keep emergency
cash savings at home. At least for now there’s no way making all that
void would receive public support.

Even if they offered some kind of incentive like giving you +50% value
in CBDC for turning in your cash, I just don’t see it. There’d be a
public outcry towards the government from regular people on both sides
of the political aisle, and they really don’t want to give us reasons
to unify against the government lol

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