Cryptocurrency: A16Z Claims ZK To Provide Compliant Privacy, Ending Regimes

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 17 15:36:42 PST 2022

Not your keys, not your privacy, there is and can be no compromise.
The only solution is to develop, roll out, and let humanity adopt and
regain its privacy and self power. And to recognize that humanity will deal
just fine with physical problems in the realworld, just as it always has.
Privacy is a necesssary reversion back to the those things that have always
worked for humanity, instead of the attempts to kill privacy that are
now enabling
the worst of regimes and atrocities against humanity. It should be noted that
"money laundering" "illicit finance" etc are almost exclusively simply
efforts by humanity to starve out and end the unconscionable taxation
that further
enables and props up such regimes, not efforts to actually agress upon anyone.

Achieving Crypto Privacy and Regulatory Compliance
A few potential solutions for preserving privacy and mitigating
illicit finance in web3 using zero knowledge proof technology.
Developers must have total freedom to choose the approaches they wish
to adopt. We hope these ideas will spark creative discussion, further
research, and development around the possibilities of zero-knowledge
proofs among builders and policymakers alike.
Two goals: 1. Protect consumer privacy 2. Reduce the risk of illicit
finance We believe both ends are simultaneously achievable.

Privacy-Protecting Regulatory Solutions Using Zero-Knowledge Proofs
This paper proposes zero-knowledge proof solutions to reconcile
consumer blockchain privacy needs and regulatory and national security

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