Cryptocurrency: Revel In The Carnage !

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 17 09:53:53 PST 2022

"No regulation, don't legitimize it via regulation, don't apply any
law, don't criminalize it, don't ban it, don't intervene, don't do any
government policy over it whatsoever anywhere at all ever... Let them
eat their own professed dog food, let them lose all their money, let
the fools suicide, their letters scarlet, and their carnival of
horrors be upon themselves, let everyone and all of it burn the fuck
down to the ground on its own... Then, if their prophesized crypto
future shall ever be, and ever be right, it will rise on its own as a
Phoenix from the ashes, independent and proven, this necessary
separation of Money from State. -- Anonymous"

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