Cryptocurrency: Fraud SBF Is Free, While A Real Crypto Dev Rots In Jail

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 17 01:34:15 PST 2022

Free Pertsev, Ulbricht, and Assange...

After $10+ billion fraud SBF is free while Tornado cash developer is
in jail for developing open source sofware

A Tornado cash developer is still in jail without formal Charges.
SBF committed $10b fraud and is playing video games in the Bahamas.
Which he is losing BTW
Code is free sepeech, but it's said that money speaks so much. SBF and
his connections are making him a free man. He lost billions but right
now he is playing LOL (not a joke).
We saw big support for the TC dev when he was arrested but atm there's
not much talk about his situation due to market conditions and a
billion dollar scammer is running around the bahamas. As a community
we need to raise our voice to this kind of injustice if not we won't
end up better than TradFi

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