Cryptocurrency: Capturing The Carnage, BTFD!

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Nov 16 18:34:46 PST 2022

> don't get burnt

Mass exodus of coins from exchanges to self-custody wallets.
An unfortunate fact is many will lose their coins
in self-custody storage... broken wallets, smashed
phones, poor backups, typos, etc... on the plus side,
this burn will reduce total coins thus increasing value.
Coins locked up off exchanges also thins out order books
thus demand over the next run will drive up prices even more.
Volatility increases, velocity slows, which doesn't help.
Well over 60% haven't moved in ages, hardcore hodlers.
Coins in self-custody will also become active in their local
communities looking for goods and services to buy and
sell with them, more local p2p markets will arise.
Adoption happens.

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