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Wed Nov 16 11:28:02 PST 2022

Musk Purges Thousands - Leaks Damn The Previous Twitter


A good measure of the value of an employee to a company is if their
absence makes things more difficult for everyone else, or their
absence is barely noticed.  If an employee makes no difference and
adds no value then there is no point in keeping them around.

Twitter is quickly becoming a blaring example of this issue.  Alleged
leaks from within the company suggest that most employees under
previous management barely worked and are devout “communists” with a
hatred of free speech.  The leaks also claim that Twitter employees
were far more concerned with censoring conservative voices than doing
their jobs.

>From comments made on social media by employees since Musk's takeover,
it appears that these rumors are correct.

For many years now Twitter has operated less like a company and more
like a cult compound for leftist ideologues, with free lunches, yoga
rooms, smoothie bars, wine bars, expresso bars, and minimal work
buffered by pointless meetings and near zero productivity. The company
runs a collectivist daycare for overgrown children; 7500 of them along
with 5500 outside contractors.

Musk fired at least 3500 primary staff members and it is also recently
reported that he has purged at least 4500 outside contractors, many of
them moderators tasked with filtering “misinformation”.
Interestingly, Twitter users have not noticed much of a difference in
terms of functionality for the platform despite the mass layoffs.  The
only difference has been the ability to speak more freely.

Initial reports of the firings led people to speculate that Musk's
actions might be “heavy handed” and that, surely, a lot of employees
have nothing to do with the politically motivated side of the
platform.  However, employee comments suggest that an internal agenda
to sabotage the site is underway, justified by purely political
ideals, as well as angry reactions to basic responsibilities such as
showing up to work for 40 hours a week.  Musk's call for free speech
on the platform has also elicited a flurry of vitriol, not only from
former Twitter management but also a host of average workers.

The mainstream media argues that Musk's firings of employees attacking
his takeover is hypocritical because it runs contrary to his free
speech ideals.  This is a rather ignorant notion often employed by
leftists as a means to undermine otherwise logical and legitimate
measures by free speech advocates to protect themselves from
subversion.  Employees on the job do not have free speech rights, and
are not protected from being fired if their goal is to throw a monkey
wrench into the company's functionality or survivability.

Employees are paid to do a specific job, and while opinions on the
overall operation of the business might be valuable, these views
should be expressed privately rather than as a vain attempt to engage
in activism and get attention.  In the past few years American culture
has seen a complete degradation of work ethic that revolves around the
idea that workers should have a collective say in the decisions and
greater purpose of the company.  It is most prevalent in Big Tech and
it's a disaster that needs to be corrected.

It's only been a few weeks since Twitter came under new ownership and
the future of the company remains uncertain.  There are millions of
people expecting changes to happen quickly and expecting past wrongs
to be righted immediately.  These things take time and it will be
interesting to see how Twitter develops in the coming months without
the obsessively biased influence of political zealots.

One thing that does provide hope is the employee layoffs.  Very few if
any of these people have offered anything but rage in response to
Musk's plan for more free speech and it is clear that the site cannot
move forward with such workers still attached.  In other words, these
people are getting exactly what they deserve, and it may be prudent
for Elon Musk to fire almost everyone and relocate the Twitter HQ to
another city and state in due course.

In the meantime, watching censor-happy extremists lose their power and
their positions of influence has been perhaps the most enjoyable part
of this year so far.

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