Jan6: The American Gulag

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Feds Had Informants In Proud Boys And Oath Keepers For J6


If Republicans eke out a win in the House of Representatives—which now
seems likely—GOP leaders have promised to investigate numerous
government scandals, including the irredeemably corrupt Federal Bureau
of Investigation. One path of inquiry is how the bureau manufactures
data to promote the phony narrative that “domestic violent
extremists,” i.e., supporters of Donald Trump, pose a security threat
to the country.

Whistleblowers recently disclosed how the FBI is “misrepresenting the
scale of domestic violent extremism nationwide by categorizing January
6th-related investigations as organic cases stemming from local field
offices, instead of all related to one single incident,” according to
a report by GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee.

Shortly after the Capitol protest, FBI Director Christopher Wray
designated the four-hour disturbance as an act of “domestic terror”;
federal prosecutors routinely compare January 6 defendants to
terrorists, enabling the government to seek—and receive—extended jail
time for misdemeanors convictions and justify indefinite pretrial
detention for nonviolent offenders.

During his Senate testimony in March 2021, Wray described members of
the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, two groups involved in the events of
January 6, as “militia violent extremists.” When Senator Lindsey
Graham (RINO-S.C.) asked Wray whether he considered either group a
domestic terror organization, the director refused to answer directly,
instead insisting “individuals” associated with both groups are
“domestic terrorists.”

Those comments alone should be fireable offenses. Set aside Wray’s
excuse-making for leftist rioters—in 2020, Wray laughably refused to
apply the same label to Antifa, calling it a “movement or an
ideology,” not a terror organization—no evidence exists to support
Wray’s accusations that the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys mimic terror
cells comparable to al Qaeda. Of the nearly two dozen members of both
groups now facing charges tied to January 6, only one is accused of
using a weapon (a riot shield) and it is alleged he used it to break a
window, not harm a person, that afternoon.

Members of the Oath Keepers who drove to Washington to attend the
president’s speech left their legally transported weapons at a
Virginia hotel rather than violate the city’s strict gun control laws.
Worst “militia” ever.

And no one in either group carried a firearm into the building or on
Capitol grounds.

But Wray, conveniently, left off another vital detail about these
“militias”: the number of FBI confidential human sources embedded
within them both before and during the Capitol protest.

Prior to the September start of the seditious conspiracy trial against
members of the Oath Keepers, prosecutors finally disclosed that at
least five FBI informants were embedded in the groups weeks and months
before January 6. Matthew Graves, the U.S. Attorney for the District
of Columbia handling over 900 January 6 cases, sought to prevent the
jury from hearing about the informants’ “activities or involvement in
past investigations.”

None testified as a witness for the government. But the defense wanted
to call to the stand the vice president of the Oath Keepers, a man who
worked directly with Stewart Rhodes, the founder and head of the
group. Greg McWhirter is a former sheriff’s deputy and current owner
of a tactical shooting range and gun shop in Montana.

McWhirter also is an FBI informant.

According to a bombshell piece in the New York Times, McWhirter was
“secretly reporting to the F.B.I. about the group’s activities in the
weeks and months leading up to the Capitol attack.” Reporter Alan
Feuer further revealed that McWhirter had suffered a medical emergency
boarding a plane to Washington to testify and required
hospitalization. (Prosecutors asked the presiding judge to find out
who leaked the information about McWhirter’s role, under court-ordered
protective seal, to Feuer. Defense dropped him as a witness.)

Not only did McWhirter work for the FBI, he lured Oath Keepers to his
remote business by offering discounts to buy guns and ammunition
before the 2020 election—presumably, at the behest of the FBI to
produce evidence of a self-styled “militia” even though no crime was

All of it reeks of the FBI-engineered plot to “kidnap” Michigan
Governor Gretchen Whitmer, an entrapment scheme underway at the very
same time the FBI utilized informants in the Proud Boys and Oath
Keepers before January 6. In the Whitmer fednapping hoax, Dan Chappel,
the lead informant, acted as the “commanding officer” of an imaginary
militia—revealed during trial as a fabrication of the FBI—to lure the
FBI’s targets into the trap.

Further, another Oath Keeper turned informant called the FBI tip line
in November 2020 over fears the group planned to go “to war with the
United States government” but investigators didn’t contact him until
March 2021.

But unlike the Whitmer fednapping plot where the FBI arrested their
targets before any attempted “kidnapping” could occur, the FBI did not
use any foreknowledge about possible violence on January 6 to prevent
what happened that day despite connections to several informants. The
question is—why not?

The FBI also ran informants in the Proud Boys before January 6. Last
year, Feuer revealed that the FBI embedded one informant in the group
in July 2020; the informant was involved in the first breach of the
restricted area. “As scores of Proud Boys made their way, chanting and
shouting, toward the Capitol on Jan. 6, one member of the far-right
group was busy texting a real-time account of the march,” Feuer
reported in September 2021. “The recipient was his F.B.I. handler.”
Another FBI informant was associated with a separate chapter of the
Proud Boys that also participated in the events of January 6.

Now it appears that the FBI had multiple assets dispersed among the
Proud Boys. A last-minute discovery dump last week by prosecutors
includes at least 500 pages of possibly exculpatory evidence related
to the FBI’s confidential human source operation within the Proud
Boys. (Jury selection for the first trial is scheduled to start
December 12.)

The Times reported late Monday night that at least eight FBI
informants were placed in the Proud Boys.

According to one defense motion, the Justice Department held this
material for more than a year only to release heavily redacted
versions of the pages one month before trial; one defense lawyer noted
that even page numbers had been redacted.

Defense attorneys have now asked U.S. District Court Judge Timothy
Kelly to take action. Counsel for Zachary Rehl, a Proud Boy from
Pennsylvania, asked Kelly to “dismiss the indictment in this case and
impose such other sanctions as are just and proper on the grounds that
the government has violated Mr. Rehl’s rights to a fair trial and to
the due process of law by failing to produce until this past week
information ‘favorable to’ Mr. Rehl that is ‘material either to guilt
or to punishment’ under Brady v. Maryland.”

Even more outrageous is that Rehl and three of his co-defendants have
been behind bars under pre-trial detention orders since early 2021;
Kelly, a Trump appointee, has consented to their indefinite
incarceration as the Justice Department plays last-minute games to
either force plea agreements or delay trial once again.

Gamesmanship aside, it’s now evident the FBI infiltrated these two
“militia” groups well in advance of January 6. So, only one of two
explanations is possible: either the FBI hired lousy informants, all
of whom failed to tell their handling agents that the Oath Keepers and
Proud Boys planned to overthrow the government that day or, more
likely, the FBI replicated the Whitmer fednapping—informants worked
with supervising agents and FBI hierarchy to concoct another “domestic
terror” attack to bolster Wray’s unsubstantiated warnings about
domestic violent extremists for political reasons. In other words,
they wanted to sabotage Donald Trump.

In either case, where is the outrage among January 6 propagandists
that the FBI, contrary to Wray’s public assertions, had plenty of
resources devoted to collecting intelligence about the Capitol
protest? Why did Wray’s surveillance operation fail so spectacularly?
Who are the handling agents responsible for such widespread failure?
Why haven’t heads rolled? Where is Representative Alexandria
Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) calling for Wray’s resignation?

That these questions remain unanswered—and, more importantly,
unasked—is a telling sign.

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