GNURadio RF: KrakenRF Passive Radar Code Needs Liberated !

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Nov 14 21:00:13 PST 2022


More censored projects, files, and video...

username/password: krakenrf/krakensdr
 <----- <-----
pyAPRIL (a python based DSP library which implements passive radar
algorithms according to a cached version of their website) was also
recently deleted from github, and its websites appear to be down as

Passive radar detection of aircraft, boats, and drones
The KrakenRF team were actively working on more advanced code for
passive radar which would've plotted radar hits on a map.

(xxvii) Bi-static/multi-static radar that exploits greater than 125
kHz bandwidth and is lower than 2 GHz center frequency to passively
detect or track using radio frequency (RF) transmissions (e.g.,
commercial radio, television stations)
commit 734ea34bb790ab3ba9b86f386699fa1ab5fec946
Author: krakenrf <78108016+krakenrf at>
Date:   Wed Aug 24 23:10:45 2022 +1200

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