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Mon Nov 14 13:44:39 PST 2022

I'm trying out testing extracting a repeating signal from a larger and
there is a bug that looks debuggable!

I generated a repeating signal by indexing the random vector with the
floor of modular time, and added a custom wavelet parameter to the
fourier functions to model it, and passed a square wave as the wavelet
so as to model sampling by indexing with floors.

It currently throws an assertion failure, but the mismatching vectors
have the same values in them, just in different spots, which should
really help figure the bug out!

> /shared/src/scratch/fourier.py(208)test()
-> assert np.allclose(longvec, inserting_spectrum @ inserting_ift)
(Pdb) p longvec
array([0.73764179, 0.73764179, 0.73764179, ..., 0.85448175, 0.85448175,
(Pdb) p inserting_spectrum @ inserting_ift
array([0.73764179, 0.85448175, 0.23715969, ..., 0.330343  , 0.82712795,

I was thinking I would just go through the composition of sums via the
two code paths and compare them, like earlier. The first sample seems
to generally match, so it would be the second sample that's of

The previous fourier.py did not have this test and so does not raise
an assertion failure.
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