Cryptocurrency: Capturing The Carnage, BTFD!

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Nov 14 04:34:18 PST 2022

Legacy finance is slow, new gigawhales that sat on fence
waiting for a reset can't buy in until at least mid-late week.
No more major news hit since FTX except AAX, ie re: other
big [un]regulated exchanges, stock funds, custody.
This carnage is just a deleveraging and wakeup from shitville back into
real cryptos... the future is still crypto, and mktcap will inbound,
and even more so once privacy-enabled storage-free scale comes online.
Base case still $50k, now about 67% to 76% off at the discount store.
Only a handful of coins have the potential to serve 20 years or
more as a cash money hold-and-use, fewer as a finance protocol
too early for that aspect. So while the garbage rollup winds down,
DYOR them, check the street, and consider BTFD!

Similar to the Internet... Cryptocurrency is...
A Global Revolution Without Violence... for Freedom.
It will happen, because Freedom must happen,
Humanity now sees and has a path to that, and from the
MagnaCarta onward, Humanity won't stop till it gets it.

Europe wakes up with a 6% buy in...

LatAm about to wake up...
President Nayib Bukele: FTX is the opposite of Bitcoin. Bitcoin
protocol was created precisely to prevent Ponzi schemes, bank runs,
Enrons, WorldComs, Bernie Madoffs, Sam Bankman-Frieds, bailouts
and wealth reassignments. Some understand it, some not yet.
Kevin O'Leary still crying to Govt, rightly on crap CeFi Corp CBDC stables,
and is buying on Monday like all existing players.

Bitcoin and Crypto Markets Pop As Binance CEO Publicizes Trade Restoration Fund

Gov-Reg being rejected by decentrals and startups for Self-Reg philosophy...

OG's and CZ operate, spanking people, moving market back to long mode...

FED about to pivot...

Zoom out...

Market mood already shifting back to BTFD opportunity commentary.

Buy when others are fearful... -- Warren Buffet

Bitcoin Cash BCH Legal Tender in St. Kitts By March, Prime Minister says.

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