[ot][spam][crazy] can commonsensebot make itself for me

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Sun Nov 13 12:04:09 PST 2022

here's an opensource sota dialog bot:


[Submitted on 5 Aug 2022 (v1), last revised 10 Aug 2022 (this version, v3)]
BlenderBot 3: a deployed conversational agent that continually learns
to responsibly engage
Kurt Shuster, Jing Xu, Mojtaba Komeili, Da Ju, Eric Michael Smith,
Stephen Roller, Megan Ung, Moya Chen, Kushal Arora, Joshua Lane,
Morteza Behrooz, William Ngan, Spencer Poff, Naman Goyal, Arthur
Szlam, Y-Lan Boureau, Melanie Kambadur, Jason Weston
We present BlenderBot 3, a 175B parameter dialogue model capable of
open-domain conversation with access to the internet and a long-term
memory, and having been trained on a large number of user defined
tasks. We release both the model weights and code, and have also
deployed the model on a public web page to interact with organic
users. This technical report describes how the model was built
(architecture, model and training scheme), and details of its
deployment, including safety mechanisms. Human evaluations show its
superiority to existing open-domain dialogue agents, including its
predecessors (Roller et al., 2021; Komeili et al., 2022). Finally, we
detail our plan for continual learning using the data collected from
deployment, which will also be publicly released. The goal of this
research program is thus to enable the community to study
ever-improving responsible agents that learn through interaction.

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