Cryptocurrency: Noting The Carnage

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Nov 13 04:52:40 PST 2022

Random quotes... Ya Played Yourself

Remember, SEC slammed LBRY the free speech
service down, no one wanted that.

Democrats let FTX SBF ride to rake in that sweet donor
money to their corrupt pockets.

Notice the SEC never mandates education,
blocks people from buying into pre-IPO etc,
but still lets them lose all on crap stocks.

Crypto needs to regulate itself ASAP or it will get stuck in Govt mud.

Crypto didn’t fail but people failed...people putting their money in
cex and organizations entrusting them to do something on their behalf
is the very industry we’re trying to get rid of

I am sure there a pure coincidence that Gensler and Alameda CEO's dad
are colleagues from the MIT Economics Department. It's a big
department, that may not even know each other. Oh, look her mom works
there too, probably doesn't know Mr. Gensler either.

They were working with FTX while blocking Coinbase……remember that.
Gary was picking sides. The SEC funnelled tax payers funds into half
baked lawsuits and didn’t go after the bad actors. If the house flips
Gary will most certainly be on capital hill every 2 seconds.
If they were not constantly meeting with FTX about regulations this
wouldn’t look so bad. This is one of the biggest blunders in SEC

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan invested US$95M into failing crypto platform FTX

>From a BlockFi employee: "The only reason FTX bailed us out was to get
our user funds onto their platform to use in their shell game. They
applied immense pressure to get BlockFi funds migrated to FTX custody.
Employees were told by executives not to ask questions about the move"

Scammy exchanges are not geniuses changing the world, they are banks
with a fresh coat of paint.
People are so bad at self custody and being responsible that they
trust these third party middlemen with their funds. Third party
middlemen by the way who exist solely to suck out your money via
trading spreads, fees and their scummy exchange tokens.
Not your keys not your coins isn't a meme, people have to stop
treating it like one. Centralized exchanges are not your friends, they
are run by people who want to skim money, who will gamble your funds
with zero remorse and care literally nothing about you if they go
Stop giving them the power you already hold.

Trust centralized exchanges as much as you'd trust a public toilet.
Use it if you absolutely have to, withdraw quick and for the love of
God don't leave anything you actually value in one.

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