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Sun Nov 13 01:08:04 PST 2022

Once upon a time, there was a budding young scientist, only about a
few thousand years old, wandering the pretty fields.

This budding young scientist was so excited about measuring things!

"Oh, I want to measure the wildflowers!" exclaimed the young
thousand-year-old worker!

They took out a ruler they had bought at a drug store, and began to measure.

Some flowers were very tiny! Only a few millimeters wide! A millimeter
is like a small fraction of an inch.

Other flowers were _really big_. Most of these flowers were growing near houses.

Each flower got many numbers!

There was the number for the widest distance from the tip of one petal
to the tip of another,
and the number for the distance from the start of a petal to its end:
you had to average all these;
and the number of how wide the round bit in the middle of the flower
was! And don't forget the average width of the petals!

Each flower had a height, as well, and the stems had a width, although
the stem width wasn't as interesting.

The bud scientist wouldn't store the numbers yet. They were just so
excited about measuring at all!

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