SBF considered harmful months ago - DEAD POOLED last month!

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Sun Nov 13 00:58:52 PST 2022

MIT graduate and crypto billionaire
2021-09-03 Thread professor rat

Brain-frieds bombastic bullshit is bloody boring
2022-08-17 Thread professor rat
 Use Cases That Give Crypto the ‘Bulk of Its Power’ Crypto destroys the powers-that-be or it does nothing - and one of those existing powers is represented by the billionaire class

Re: USA 2024 Elections Thread
2022-11-03 Thread grarpamp For 2022 midterms alone... George Soros has thrown $130 Million to Democrats. Sam Bankman-Fried has thrown $30 Million to Democrats. Democrats are topping Republicans in terms of overall campaign donations this cycle, outraising Republicans by nearly $195 million in all

Musk’s Twitter Buyout Challenged by Florida Pension Fund (2)
2022-05-09 Thread professor rat
tured Sam Bankman-Fried like Arb, Ivan Boesky

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