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Sat Nov 12 15:15:57 PST 2022

here are recent thoughts I posted to this list

> - slicing a chunk: easier if an interface for the store is specified,
> to retrieve written data
> - optimizing a sequence that includes sliced chunks by reorganising
> their metadata. i think i included a number of optimizations in one of
> the attempts that might be copyable out.
> - selecting which nodes to merge when writing a new chunk so as to
> make balanced trees. i really simplified code for this in the
> flat_tree repo.

> 1. selecting which nodes to merge (xloem/flat_tree append structure,
> can be improved to work from middle)
> 2. slicing chunks (means the library must have access to old
> internodes to pull chunks out of them)
> 3. optimizing out redundant information when reusing old nodes

I'm pretty sure I memorized a next step. The next step I memorized is
to add an interface for data access to xloem/flat_tree .
I have some confusions associated with xloem/flat_tree. It makes sense
to take it a little slowly.

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