Coderpunks contemporaneous with cypherpunks till 2002 before Metzger's funeral-home started up.

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Nov 12 05:31:09 PST 2022

For those who read our own records you'll see references to them. 
As I've said several times now, for the hard of hearing, Mongo referred technical bores to them since c-punks was a list for discussing the sort of societal changes PKI enabled - ' cryptoanarchism ' in his word.
He interpreted Hughes ' We write code ' imperative as broadly as possible where ' code ' meant free-speech as well as working hardware at the business-end.
Cypherpunks was not meant to be the sort of list now embodied by Perry Metzger's narrow, little gated industrial zone.
That was for irredeemable geeks, nerds and stone bores.
You know - the " Satoshi Nakamoto ' type.
Btc Maxi's need to shut the fuck up about cypherpunks - they just keep proving they're not worth the steam off our shit.
The cryptographers list is three clicks over - don't let the door hit your butt.
Btw - the only attractive crossover between these two-tribes was Hal - and Hal was not a libertarian and now he's dead.
Like all Btc Maxi's will soon be dead.
I promise you.

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