Cryptocurrency: Must Regulate Itself, Else It's Corrupt, And Its Mission Will Fail

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Nov 11 17:23:05 PST 2022

You don't need more regulation, licensing, laws... instead,
crypto needs to continue removing the need for trust,
to replace those legacy central armies against Freedom,
with code that births and ensures Freedom.

Very few people recognize the Power, Safety, Privacy, and
Freedom of true DEX, mostly because they can't get their
CEX brains out of the "But that would mean we have to give up
authority over others, or not be sheep, so nah" complex that's
been programmed into them... expect more DEX development.

Over 200 banks in Germany are requiring customers to pay 0.5% interest
to hold money in their bank account. The system designed to quietly
steal from you through monetary debasement is now actively charging
you to use it. Opt out. #bitcoin

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