Cryptocurrency: Must Regulate Itself, Else It's Corrupt, And Its Mission Will Fail

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Nov 11 11:34:50 PST 2022

Human Freedom depends on cryptocurrency regulating itself.
Not so much for regulation per se, as the free market is free to
compete via proofs open transparency and reject shady operators,
but as part of the need to recognize realign and rally its volunteer forces
in regimentation against the fiat enemy that must be starved out,
which can only happen via offering a sound alternative to adopt... crypto.
Losing sight of the fiat enemy, of soundness, by becoming drunk in your
own corruption towards users, the space, and the fight... will lose.
Crypto has wasted years worth of advantage and resources, it must
sober up, end the pointless shitcoin nonsense, rejoin its forces,
clean up its act, take the high road, and start winning the war.
It's much easier and sooner than you think.

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