Be aware of powers sought or unsought of a CODING-CHICKENMANS - INDUSTRIAL-PROPAGANDA Complex

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Nov 11 00:34:31 PST 2022

Anyone banging on all day about free-speech runs the risk of being regarded as crashing bore.

Same as anyone banging on all day about the latest iteration of the computer motherboard. A hardware bore.

So there's no need to put up with any coding bores - especially when its implicit in all these blitz-bore-attacks that a
specialized technocratic elite could run things better than the average c-punk anarchist.

Cryptoanarchism starts with free movement and speech before progressing through software coding to popular and useful ( utilitarian ) routines burned into chips on devices.

I want to preserve and expand as many cryptoanarchist-netspace degrees-of-freedom as possible.  Not deliver bogus commandments from a truly false and pernicious position of ( post-Clipper ) strength. I hope you'll join me and consign all things Eric Hughes to the ash-heap of hirstories discarded lies. Tia.

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