Cryptocurrency: Forbes Btc Zine ahole confuses "Cryptography" vs "Cypherpunks" list

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 10 12:26:40 PST 2022


These journos all love to call that plainly statist, impurely
academic, and wannabe philo list the cpunks list[s], it's
kinda intentional too [1].

But the Rizzo did get one important thing right
that anyone who was there would know,
he image quoted that Perry Metzger the self-styled
"Rabid Libertarian" permanently CENSORBANS
people off his list for speaking freely directly on
the topics that his own CHARTER explicitly calls for.

Perry Metzger perry at censor cryptography at

[1] Also journos afraid of being associated with
any Libertarian speech, and doing their best
to keep freedom canceled by never linking to it,
mostly journos Democrats anyways.

Really sad how so many people have clammed up on
the Crypto Libertarian OG free speech over the years,
now kissing the ass of GovCorp regulators politicians,
15 years... the turned-quiet's could have been free by now.
More OG's will rise and enter the speech circuit.

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