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Thu Nov 10 10:16:08 PST 2022

ok uhhhh

so if a waveform is N long
and i want it twice sampled with the last sample offset by 1/2 in the
second sampling, and 1/4 in the first, (or 1 in the second, and 0.5 in
the first, in its own index scale)
uhh so
into index N-1, goes waveform index N-1
into index N/2, goes waveform index N-2
and the endpoint ... is ... ! at N/2+0.5
so max_period is N/2+0.5, such that N+1 is where the wave restarts twice.

uhhhhhhh then for sampling i have it taking a list of indices, which
will be the modulo of a linspace ... the linspace will go ... to ...
the inverse of N+1 when the max_period is N/2+0.5

so recording_idx = waveform_idx * (N / 2 + 0.5) / N
then waveform_idx = recording_idx * N / (N / 2 + 0.5)

i think it works
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