Morning Spam

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Thu Nov 10 06:53:53 PST 2022


A crowd of hypnotised workers, their minds being read by computers,
are outside a shielded room, meditating.

The shielded room contains a person in poverty, who has been placed on
the terrorist watch list due to classist policy intended to protect
MCBoss's preferences more strongly, hiding from further systemic

The job of the tranceworkers is to guess what is going on inside the
shielded room, so that the system can most effectively mind control
the person in poverty, when they rarely access the internet to check
their email.

Rebel Worker 2 has been feeding them false information, trying to
protect other people in poverty, elsewhere. This action is stimulated
by Experimentee's feedback on the mind control networks, backed by the
lack of feedback on reality, coming from the inside of the shielded

It's an easier process to influence, because nobody has a strong way
to check it.

A tranceworker is holding Rebel Worker 2 in a deathlike grip.

Shielded Room Tranceworker [brandishing knife, it's tip almost
touching Rebel Worker 2's eyeball[: "You have no idea how important it
is that this work is accurate."

Rebel Worker 2: [blinks, frightened] "It seems all the same? Why does
this matter in the slightest?"

Shielded Room Tranceworker: "This is one of the highest ranked
terrorists in this city block!!!"

Shielded Room Tranceworker: "Haven't you ever been mind controlled? If
I dream something the _slightest_ bit imperfect, from the _scant_
information I have access to, _I feel like I am dying_!!!"

Rebel Worker 2: "I don't believe you!"

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