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Thu Nov 10 06:34:52 PST 2022

i figure i'll put it in pdb and poke at it to verify it

recording_fft = np.fft.rfft(recording)
# now take fft with np.fft.rfft
# then select only upper portion of 1 + bandwidth equal to period_length
    # note: am guessing that period_in_recording = recording_bufsize / rfft_idx
    # so, solving for rfft_idx
    # rfft_idx = recording_bufsize / period_in_recording
    # and, if right, that would be the index in the rfft output of the
period's peak
    # so further data on it would be to the right, at higher frequencies
import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
fft_subregion = recording_fft[int(recording_bufsize / period_length)]

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