Interested in Joining The Philosophy Forum

Karl Semich 0xloem at
Thu Nov 10 00:42:24 PST 2022


I've had trouble finding rational, grounded dialog this decade, and I
realized it could be helpful to learn a little philosophy.

I have studied formal logic and conflict mediation, although these are hard
for me to remember now. I'm hoping they might come back to me among others.

Primarily, I used to be a software engineer, but I developed many rare
opinions from my experiences with wilderness survival and activism, and my
exposure to machine learning.

Now, I have a psychosis and can be a complete flake, or a little toxic
during bouts of insanity, but I earnestly hope your portal might be
available to give people like me experience turning that around. If I can
stay, I promise to work to uphold rationality and respect.

Thank you for considering me.

Karl Semich
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