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Wed Nov 9 15:29:45 PST 2022

Transforming Judgements as Liberation from Suffering

MCBoss: “I don’t understand.”

Judgments are the building blocks of inner and outer conflict.

MCBoss: “I stimulate a lot of conflicts. Is this a theory of war I
haven’t studied?”

They are storehouses of information about what matters to us, what we
long for, and what interferes with our capacity to flow with life and
metabolize whatever happens into new learning and increased capacity.

MCBoss: “Hmmm … War always gets people cranky. Why don’t they enjoy it more?”

Even if nothing ever changes around us, we can find the inner and
outer resources to find a different story and release ourselves from
suffering and into empathy for self and others.

MCBoss: “Yes, more resources for different stories

This is my invitation to you to join me and others in this
introductory workshop to discover principles and practices that can
support you on this journey to transforming our judgments of
ourselves, each other, and whatever else we judge.

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