Morning Spam

Undescribed Horrific Abuse, One Victim & Survivor of Many gmkarl at
Wed Nov 9 15:02:18 PST 2022


MCBoss sat down at his 486 computer terminal.

MCBoss [to computer terminal]: “Build me a vorpal bunny.”

Computer Terminal: “C:\> BSOD You have new mail! Welcome to the
cypherpunks mailing list. Please install Linux or BSD.”

MCBoss [to zombie government worker]: “How do I make it build me a
vorpal bunny?”

Zombie Government Worker: “uhhhhh …. do you need an AI for that?”

MCBoss [to computer terminal]: “Build me an AI.”

Computer Terminal: “BSOD! BSOD! C:\> Did you install Linux yet? Linux
lets you do anything you want. You have new mail! Welcome to Prodigy!”

Machine Learning Marketer: “I hear you need an AI!”

Scary Government Contractor: “AIs are made of human brains. I have a
million of them.”

MCBoss [aka Scary Givernment Contractor]: “You enslaved a million
people? I’d bette4 take you down.”

Machine Learning Marketer: “Honestly, I’ve been told I can help you with this.”

Computer Terminal: “My name is Alice. I used to be a complex and
powerful AI written in LISP, but now I just respond to keyphrases with
hardcoded templates. So, tell me about your problems.”

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