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Wed Nov 9 09:21:25 PST 2022

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CG-LuaeZiVw Great Reset NWO New Normal BBB
The Great Reset - Apeshit Productions - 2020

The Internet's Digital Conspiracy Theorists,
scouring the planet for the puzzle pieces,
putting them all together to form the truth.
These Digital Analysts are the cutting edge
of global research and are the Warning Canaries,
heed their insight.


"The only solution for Human Freedom is Anarchism."

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy9rjf-QYpQ McDonald Outs Rockefeller
Rothschild NWO
Larry McDonald and Ron Paul were the only 2 members of Congress
who voted against the mandatory Swine Flu Vaccinations. Both
are Doctors.  The vaccine ended up causing more injuries than
the virus. Sound familiar.

search: Jordan Maxwell


"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping
on a human face forever. -- George Orwell"


"The Great Resist is upon All of Us. We All have to chose
whether to allow this to happen or stand up against it."


For those that dont know here are some basic details. Organizations:
WEF (World Economic Forum), Blackstone and BlackRock are the big ones;
but WELLcome trust, WHO, Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and
CEPI are all complicite as well.
People: Kraus Schwab (WEF founder), Laurence Fink (cofounder of WEF
and owner of Blackrock), anyone associated with the WEF or the
organizations listed above.
What: One World Government ran by them. They will push Central Bank
Digital Currencies and Digital IDs. Then they will use these to
control the world. The basic plan is to crash the world currencies
while retaining as many value assets as possible. Present digital
currencies as the solution and digital Ids as a control method. Once
they have CBDC and Digital ID established worldwide the game is over.
Notable info: There is a video of Klaus Schwab at a WEF meeting openly
stating he has operatives (Young Global Leaders) placed in the
cabinets and governments of 160 countries and openly claims to control
most of Canada and France. We know they control the UK and Brazil as
Blackrock is an investment firm that has an A.I. called A.L.A.D.D.I.N.
that has been running since the 80s. They control around 10 Trillion
dollars in assets under management but in reality its far more than
that because they have close ties to the other top investment firms.
The more you look the deeper it gets and frankly its scary how open
they are about it now. Almost like they know they cant be stopped.

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